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Anthems of Rebellion (CD/DVD)


2003 Review: Arch Enemy\'s album \"Anthems of Rebellion\" shows us how powerful melodic death metal can be. With the demonic voice of German vocalist Angela Gossow, this band has proved itself once again to be a force against the likes of In Flames, COB, Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork. Their last release, Wages of Sin, was their defining moment. I give this CD five stars because their songs have evolved with more brutality. Their is not one bad song on this CD. Unlike In Flames\' \"Reroute to Remain\", Arch Enemy does not sacrifice brutality for technicality. It looks as if Arch Enemy may indeed be the future of death metal. Track Listing: 1. Tear Down The Walls 0:32 2. Silent Wars 4:14 3. We Will Rise 4:06 4. Dead Eyes See No Future 4:15 5. Instinct 3:36 6. Leader Of The Rats 4:20 7. Exist To Exit 5:22 8. Marching On A Dead End Road 1:16 9. Despicable Heroes 2:12 10. End Of The Line 3:35 11. Dehumanization 4:15 12. Anthem 0:56 13. Saints And Sinners 4:41

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