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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Stand Up & Fight

Finnish battle metal gods TURISAS are back!!! 2011 TURISAS return to action in the rudest of health and with supreme confidence driving them forward. Now, as 2011 dawns, the time has come to plot a new course and to unleash a new album. Now it is time to \"Stand Up And Fight\" . Tracklisting: 1. The March Of The Varangian Guard (3:51) 2. Take The Day! (5:26) 3. Hunting Pirates (3:43) 4. (Venetoi! - Prasinoi!) (3:49) 5. Stand Up And Fight (5:27) 6. The Great Escape (4:51) 7. Fear The Fear (6:13) 8. End Of An Empire (7:16) 9. The Bosphorus Freezes Over (5:37)

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