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Based on a True Story (Digi CD/DVD)

Ltd Edition Digipak CD/DVD 2010. As one of the longest standing bands still proudly waving the flag of New York Hardcore, SICK OF IT ALL have made their mark as one of the cornerstones of NYHC, proving that heart, hard work and dedication to hardcore is about more than just the music and an image, it\'s a way of life. The band\'s real life dogma and hunger for excellence as a hardcore band have truly been ideals that fans from all corners of the globe passionately admire and identify with. With Based On A True Story, the band pulls no punches and shows clearly why they are the definition of \"hardcore.\" Review If you\'ve been paying attention, Sick of it All seems to be the only punk/hardcore band that is actually getting better with age. Think about it. After being introduced to them with Scratch The Surface, literally every album is better than the last--more passion, better production, same great band. I was truly blown away by Death To Tyrants, so it was great to hear SOIA was teaming up with Tue Madsen again. True Story is more of the hard-hitting, working class anthems that these guys have been delivering since I was in diapers. We should all be grateful. Track Listing: 1. Death Or Jail 2:51 2. The Divide 2:50 3. Dominated 2:09 4. A Month Of Sundays 2:34 5. Braveheart0:45 6. Bent Outta Shape 1:53 7. Lowest Common Denominator 2:18 8. Good Cop 2:28 9. Lifeline 2:34 10. Watch It Burn 2:34 11. Waiting For The Day 2:25 12. Long As She\'s Standing 2:34 13. Nobody Rules 2:39 14. Dirty Money 2:57

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