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Daemonic Alchemy

Scars of Chaos - Daemonic Alchemy. 2005 Review: Fans of Symphonic Black Metal take note! This is a band that will make their mark in the underground. This is their first official release and is one of the better symphonic black metal albums I have heard in quite a while. Massive sound and production with freezing vocals layered over perfectly composed guitar riffing, amazing technical drumming and flawless keyboard accents make this album one of the best black metal releases of 2005. For Fans of Behmoth. Track Listing: 1. The last prophet 2. Unleashing... 3. Celui qui hante 4. Your Own Antichrist 5. Bless Our Crusade 6. Underground 7. Awaken 8. Merciless 9. I Will Kill Again

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