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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Used, Abused & Left for Dead

Lividity - Used, Abused & Left for Dead. 2006 U.S. PORN/GORE GRINDERS ARE BACK AT IT. THEIR 5TH STUDIO EFFORT, USED, ABUSED, AND LEFT FOR DEAD, PROVES THAT THEY ARE BACK WITH A VENGANCE. WITH A NEW LINE-UP, INCLUDING VON YOUNG OF DEADEN AND JORDAN VARELA OF LUST OF DECAY & DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY, LIVIDITY PROVE THAT THEY ARE OUT FOR COMPLETE DOMINATION. PREPARE FOR THE MOST INTENSE, BARBARIC SOUNDS YOU HAVE EVER HEARD. Track Listing: 1. Raped for Rent 2. Gore Epitomite 3. Seven19 4. Deviant Pleasures 5. The Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover pt. 3) 6. Exhibition of Carnage 7. Used, Abused And Left for Dead 8. Hero of Dementia 9. No Time for Lube 10. Stench of Virginity (Sonic Version) 11. The Urge to Splurge 12. Bound in Skin 13. Phallic Beat Down

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