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Skintight Digipak

Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes) - Skintight Digipak 2010. With \"Skintight\", a remarkable voice leaves a lasting mark in the world of music: Liv Kristine\'s voice sounds and time stands still Certain albums cannot be simply heard casually, as they leave a lasting impression. Certain albums captivate the listener with such intensity that he becomes part of the music himself. Liv Kristine\'s \"Skintight\" is one of these rare artistic works of handcrafted pop. This Ltd. Ed. Digipak contains one bonus track. \"Most recordings were done \'in one go,\' i.e. record a complete song without breaks. Moreover, we\'ve kept and paid attention to the natural processes which take place during singing, like breathing, movements of the lips, emotional expression and strength etc. All this makes the album authentic, real, and direct. The music is played with only a few, however, original instruments. \"[It is] a very down-to-earth album, and absolutely \'real,\' like as if you were sitting next to me and I would sing a song to you. \"All songs have been written by Torsten Bauer, and myself. [Liv\'s husband] Alexander Krull [ATROCITY, LEAVES\' EYES] produced the album. Track Listing: 1. Skintight 2. Twofold 3. Train to Somewhere 4. Love in Grey 5. Emotional Catastrophes 6. Life Line 7. Boy at the Window 8. Wonders 9. Versified Harmonies 10. The Rarest Flower 11. One of Them (Ltd. Ed. Bonus Track)

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