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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist


Norwegian cult black metal band KHOLD. 2005 KHOLD RETURN WITH THEIR 4TH OFFERING OF GROOVE LADEN BLACK METAL!!! From their first release back in 2001, the excellent \"Masterpiss of Pain\" to last year\'s bruising \"Morke Gravers Kammer\", Khold have proven themselves as one of the most unique black metal bands around.. With a raw, primitive and dark style they have gained excellent reviews across the continents and built a solid fanbase through extensive touring. Khold is a hard fist in your face - and it just feels good! Track Listing: 1. Krek 2. Blod Og Blek 3. Innestengt I Eikekiste 4. Oskorei 5. Byrde - Khold, Khold 6. Lysets Flukt 7. Grepet Om Kniven 8. Midvinterblot 9. Varde 10. Silur Wie

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