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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Rulers of the Sea.

Folkearth - Rulers of the Sea. Already, this prolific folk/Viking metal project have released 7 albums! \'Rulers Of The Sea\' finds a wide variety of instrumentation added to the usual metal foundation, with members of various like-minded bands coming together for another trip deep into folk/Viking metal realms... Rulers Of The Sea, Folkearth\'s new album is here! Old members and newcomers, 12 musicians from 9 countries took part in this album. Many interesting acoustic instruments were used in this album: lutes, mandolins, bagpipes, violins, flutes which give the album a unique flavor. Folk and Pagan Metal never sounded better. (2009) Track Listing: 1.The Voices Of The Dead 2.Rulers Of The Sea 3.The Doomed Crusade 4.Lord Of The Spear 5.The Prince Of Epirus 6.Cosmogenesis 7.Folkearth 8.I Am Fire 9.Apollonian Light 10.When The Gods Doth Return 11.Byzantine Princess

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