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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Maiestrit Digipak.

Negura Bunget - Maiestrit Digipak. 2010 Combining the oddities of Japan\'s Sigh and Austria\'s Abigor, with the blasting ferocity of Behemoth and folk melodies of Vintersorg. NEGURA BUNGET\'s intention was to re-enbody the purest black metal album ever made and to do that in an impeccable manner, as black metal requires impeccability. This record contains the last studio recordings of the classic NEGURA BUNGET lineup (Hupogrammos, Sol Faur, Negru). Track Listing: 1. Vremea Locului Sortit 2. In-zvicnirea Apusului 3. A-vint In Abis 4. Al Locului 5. Bruiestru 6. Plecaciunea Mortii 7. A-vint In Abis (acoustic version) 8. Plecaciunea Mortii (acoustic version)

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