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Betrayal, Justice, Revenge. Ltd Digi.

Kivimetsan Druidi - Betrayal, Justice, Revenge. 2010. The Finnish Fantasy Metal shooting stars have matured into a renowned act with their unmistakeable, heavy, drivingly fast and highly athmospheric sound. Although you can hear echoes from symphonic, folk, pagan and even thrash metal in their unique sound, they tend to describe their heavy but melodic music as extreme Fantasy Metal. Extreme because of the extreme sounds, dark growls and various influences, and fantasy not only because of the lyrical themes, but also because of the freedom to mix together elements from all different kinds of Metal. With a new album to support, Kivimetsn Druidi raise their horns and are ready for the battle once again. This is the first pressing that comes as a Ltd Ed. Digpak with 2 bonus tracks. Sophomore album from the Finnish Folk Metal band. Betrayal, Justice, Revenge is versatile, diverse and full of surprises. If the debut album was more or less a collection of songs from a lengthy period of three or four years, Betrayal, Justice, Revenge expresses what Kivimetsan Druidi\'s music is right now. Although the brothers Koskinen (Antti and Joni) have once again been mainly responsible for the music, Atte Marttinen, Antti Rinkinen and Leeni-Maria Hovila have also taken considerably part to the writing process. And most of the lyrics were written by Leeni-Maria. So this time the songwriting process has very much been team work. Track Listing: 1.Lament for the Fallen (intro) 2.Aesis Lilim 3.Seawitch and the Sorcerer 4.The Visitor 5.Manalan Vartija 6.Tuoppein\'nostelulaulu 7.Chant of the Winged One 8.Of Betrayal 9.Desolation: White Wolf 10.Veljet 11.Where Hope and Daylight Die (Summoning cover)

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