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We are the Void (Ltd Digi CD/DVD)

Swedish melodic death metal pioneers DARK TRANQUILLITY triumphantly return with We Are The Void, a scorching effort that will undoubtedly add an exhilarating new chapter to the genre\'s storied history. The album encompasses all of the elements on which the band built their reputation: thought-provoking lyrics, shredding guitar work, captivating melodies and sheer brutality. Prepare to enter the void. Track Listing: 1. Shadow In Our Blood 2. Dream Oblivion 3. The Fatalist 4. In My Absence 5. The Grandest Accusation 6. At The Point Of Ignition 7. Her Silent Language 8. Arkhangelsk 9. I Am The Void 10. Surface The Infinite 11. Iridium 12. Star Of Nothingness (Instr.) 13. To Where Fires Cannot Feed

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