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Where no Life Dwells (re-issue)

Released 1991 (re-issue version) Review: Debut album. I thought it was pretty cool and the songs were pretty catchy. The band is not very fast or heavy but still delivers quality songs. Stand out tracks are before the creation of time and into glory ride. I would recommend this cd to anyone with an interest in the band or death in general. METAL RULES!!! Track Listing: 1. Where No Life Dwells 2. Dead Forever 3. Before The Creation Of Time 4. For They Shall Be Slain 5. If They Had Eyes 6. The Dark One 7. Into Glory Ride 8. ...And The Laughter Has Died 9. Unleashed 10. Violent Ecstacy 11. Where Life Ends Plus rare bonus tracks: 12. Dark One 13. If They Had Eyes (The Watchers of the Earth) 14. Dead Forever 15. Unleashed 16. Where Life Ends 17. Utter Dark Revenge 18. Violent Ecstasy 19. Before the Creation of Time [Video Clip] 20. One Insane [Video Clip]

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