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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Sworn Allegiance

Released 2004 Review: I listened to the band 13 years ago and forgot about them... until the last album \"Midviterblot.\" Then I got \"Sworn Allegiance.\" Absolutely phenomenal! All DEATH METAL fans are sick of crappy, noise machines claiming to be death metal bands. This is different Big time! ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL MUSIC! If Death Metal started with this it could have been mainstream by now. The instrumentalism is unsurpassed. UNLEASHED is the only band which somehow magically manages to combine DEATH (speed and precision) and OBITUARY (heaviness and raunchiness in melody). Hats off! Track Listing: 1. Winterland 2. Destruction (Of The Race Of Men) 3. Only The Dead 4. The Longships Are Coming 5. Helljoy 6. Insane For Blood 7. I Bring You Death 8. Attack! 9. CEO 10. One Night In Nazareth 11. Praised Be The Lord 12. Metalheads 13. To Miklagrd 14. Long Live The Beast

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