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Darker Days Ahead

Released 2006 17 yrs ago, Jesse Pintado (later to join Napalm Death) & two members of Morbid Angel (David Vincent & Pete Sandoval) released \"World Downfall\" under the name Terrorizer. This release would rank the trio as one of grindcore\'s first, most important, seminal & influential bands. Now, almost two decades later: Pintado & Sandoval have re-united, only this time enlisting the services of Morbid Angel & ex-Monstrosity bassist Tony Norman & vocalist Anthony Rezhawk. When they first formed, Terrorizer shattered a great deal of ground in the metal world. Nowadays however they don\'t seem as intent on breaking ground as on shaking it. \"DDA\" is a bunch of immensely brutal & satisfying songs with blazing riffs, blasting drums & deep, barking vocals. There\'s more than enough power and energy in Pete\'s astounding drum performance & Jesse\'s speaker-destroying guitar parts to make this disc warrant carrying Terrorizer\'s name. \"Crematorium\" and \"Fallout\" are two examples of songs which boast blistering guitar leads, slamming drums, several tempo changes (\"Crematorium\" actually slows down almost to a halt), & actually catchy choruses. \"Doomed Forever\" continues in this vein & expertly alternates from a blindingly fast tempo which shoots by like a blur to a slower, grinding riff. Other recommended tracks include the whirlwind of searing guitars & driving drums on \"Nightmare,\" the earth-quaking \"Legacy of Brutality,\" & \"Victim of Greed,\" which begins with some catchy, repetitive, rumbling guitar noise before exploding into a scorching, full-on assault of the senses. This is a greatly enjoyable & satisfying ride which will leave no fan disappointed! Track Listing: 1. Inevitable (Intro) 2. Darker Days Ahead 3. Crematorium 4. Fallout 5. Doomed Forever 6. Mayhem 7. Blind Army 8. Nightmare 9. Legacy Of Brutality 10. Dead Shall Rise V.06 11. Victim Of Greed 12. Ghost Train (Outro)

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