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The Dead Eye

Released 2006 Review: This album works for me, I really dig the direction The Haunted went on this record. If you liked rEVOLVEr, then I don\'t see any reason why you wouldn\'t like this record considering the seeds were planted for further experimentation with their sound on songs like Abysmal and Burnt to a Shell. I for one liked the last album but didn\'t love it so I really am having a hard time explaining why I am digging this CD so much. I guess I didn\'t have high expectations (if any at all) of this CD and hearing the more rock oriented pieces worked in with the brutal thrash attack just caught me off guard and like I said earlier, it just works for me. I am convinced that the guitarists for this band who basically created the melo-thrash riff are probably getting tired of rehashing the same old same old each time out, so I respect them having the gonads to experiment and throw us some curveballs on this one. Fresh ideas are never a bad thing! Track Listing: 1. The Premonition 2. The Flood 3. The Medication 4. The Drowning 5. The Reflection 6. The Prosecution 7. The Fallout 8. The Medusa 9. The Shifter 10. The Cynic 11. The Failure 12. The Stain 13. The Guilt Trip

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