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Released 2004 Review: With The Haunted, the Bjorler brothers add a more metalcore singer and sound to their music. And what do the originators of Gothenburg do when they have a run in with the americanized version of the genre they started? They kill it. This is in every conceivable way better than Slipknot, Killswitch Engage or basically any other metalcore/mallcore band that has been made to this day. Why you may ask? Because they add genuine anger to their music and not just manufactured angst to sell records to angry teenagers. They also have musical talent, with the Bjorler brother\'s thrashy guitaring ( & bassing) and Adrian Erlanndsson\'s amazingly heavy and fast (but not tasteless like Dimmu Borgir) drumming. This album has basically confirmed to me that anything America has done on the metal scene, Sweden has done better. Track Listing: 1. No Compromise 2. 99 3. Abysmal 4. Sabotage 5. All Against All 6. Sweet Relief 7. Burnt To A Shell 8. Who Will Decide 9. Nothing Right 10. Liquid Burns 11. My Shadow

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