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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Lust Stained Despair

Released 2006 Review: Though many of the bands compared to H.I.M. sound similar, Poisonblack does separate itself a bit in the fact that the songs have enough interesting things in them that I still listen to the album regularly a year later. They sound much more like Charon, which seems to have a stronger following. There is a more diverse range of tempos compared to a Charon record and the guitar solos stand out much more. Not quite as dark sounding as Charon, they sound more like Ozzy and Sabbath at times, which I like a lot. Track Listing: 1. Nothing Else Remains 2. Hollow Be My Name 3. The Darkest Lie 4. Rush 5. Nail 6. Raivotar 7. Soul In Flames 8. Pain Becomes Me 9. Never Enough 10. Love Controlled Despair 11. The Living Dead

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