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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist


Released 2003 (Finish Goth Metal) Review: Debut album from Finland\'s Poisonblack. The band is the brain-child of Sentenced\'s Ville Laihiala. Poisonblack are a side project comprised of Ville Laihiala (Sentenced) the mastermind behind the project and vocalist J.P. Leppaluoto (Charon). 10 Tracks of extreme Gothic Dark Metal. A pure masterpiece that leaves you craving for more... For fans of Sentenced, Charon, Lullacry, To/Die/For and other Gothic Metal acts.. Finland\'s Poisonblack are sure to please the darkest heart.. 5 stars + !!! Track Listing: 1. The Glow Of The Flames 2. Love Infernal 3. The State 4. All Else Is Hollow 5. In Lust 6. The Exciter 7. Lay Your Heart To Rest 8. With Her I Die 9. Illusion/Delusion 10. The Kiss Of Death

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