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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

In Defiance of Existence

Recorded 2003 Review: The fifth album from this revered Norwegian black metal act which features the talents of Galder and Nicholas Barker of Dimmu Borgir. I have never listened to an album that left me as awestruck as this one did. There are so many subtle and amazing things that occur within the composition of the songs, variations of patterns and harmonies, tempos and timings-and it all sounds incredible. I bought this album expecting it to be good, and it absolutely floored me. Unbelievable! Every time I listen to this album in my car I find myself babbling out loud to myself \"good god that\'s incredible.\" This approaches the pinnacle of what I always hoped music could be. Track Listing: 1. Felonies Of The Christian Art 2. Agony Of Fallen Grace 3. Black Seeds On Virgin Soil 4. In Defiance Of Existence 5. Sacrifice Of Vengeance 6. The Soul Receiver 7. In Quest Of Enigmatic Dreams 8. The Underworld Domains 9. Life Deprived

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