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The Code is Red...Long Live the Code Digipak


2005 Digipak. Review: Coming on the heels of one of the best cover albums of all time, The Code is Red...Long Live the Code does not disappoint. Napalm Death is back minus one. Jesse Pintado left the group after the LNF 2 album for a variety of drug/alcohol related issues. He is missed on The Code is Red but Mitch Harris carries the load admirably. Barney is in top form (as always) and his voice dominates tracks like Instruments of Persuasion (w/Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed). Musically this album is just as brutal as Order of the Leech and Enemy of the Music Industry. Harris, Embury and Herrera meld their madness perfectly. Danny Herrera\'s drumming is evolving into legendary status with his breakneck speed and blast beats, this album is a large step forward for him. What makes this album stand out from the other Napalm Death offerings is the guest vocal appearances. Jello Biafra pops up on The Great and The Good but his vox are severely overpowered by Barney, still it is one of the stronger tracks. Some of the other standouts here are Silence is Deafening, The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code, Striding Purposefully Backwards, Vegetative State and Climate Controllers. Overall, this is another must-own album from Birmingham\'s finest. Highly Recommended. Track Listing: 1. Silence Is Deafening 2. Right You Are 3. Diplomatic Immunity 4. The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code 5. Climate Controllers 6. Instruments Of Persuasion 7. The Great And The Good 8. Sold Short 9. All Hail The Grey Dawn 10. Vegetative State 11. Pay For The Privilege Of Breathing! 12. Pledge Yourself To You 13. Striding Purposefully Backwards 14. Morale 15. Our Pain Is Their Power 16. Losers 17. Morale (Video)

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