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Leaders not Followers Part 2

Recorded 2004 Review: Thank lord almighty above that the new \"Leaders Not Followers\" finally came out! For the most part, \"LNF2\" pretty much surpasses the first one in all-out aggression, hostility & don\'t even get me started on how LOUD it is. Napalm Death even does the unimaginable of sticking to the original & even carrying over that authenticity from the originals themselves. There is even the case where Napalm Death had to slow down their cover of Insanity\'s \'Fire Death Fate\' because the original version was just too fast & judging by ND\'s version...I can\'t even imagine how fast the original could be. The beginning of their Wehrmacht cover of \"Night Of Pain\"(tribute to Michael Myers & the Halloween movies) is absolute genius with the metalling-up of the theme song. Clangor of War (Massacre) - This track is a doozy. Riot of Violence (Kreator) - ND\'s version is THE highlight of this album. One note I should point out is that after Barney finishes the famous spoken interlude, Mitch Harris lets out one of the most blood-curling screams I have heard since Don Dotty\'s Thrash scream off Dark Angel\'s \"The Burning of Sodom\". Face Down In The Dirt (The Offenders) - This is how Punk/Hardcore should sound. A complete shotgun blast to the face. This is how it\'s supposed to be; fast, abrasive, in-your-face, & violent. Napalm Death put a lot of effort & intensity into this covers album & it shines through. If you want to know where ND got their influences from, or where the actual \'leaders not followers\' were in the 80\'s Metal/Hardcore/Punk scene. This is THE album to own. 1. Lowlife 2. Face Down In The Dirt 3. Devastation 4. Messiah 5. Victims Of A Bomb Raid 6. Fright Night 7. War\'s No Fairytale 8. Conform 9. Master 10. Fire Death Fate 11. Riot Of Violence 12. Game Of The Arseholes 13. Clangor Of War 14. Dope Fiend 15. I\'m Tired 16. Troops Of Doom 17. Bedtime Story 18. Blind Justice 19. Hate, Fear And Power

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