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Recorded 2007 Review: Over the last three albums Naglfar has attempted to bridge the gap between Melodic Death and Black Metal with varying success; and with a more explosive production they would have made it with their last release, \"Pariah\". Naglfar have crossed the abyss with \"Harvest\" and the sound is tighter than ever before. The sound of \"Harvest\" comes across as a hybrid of their last two albums, \"Sheol\" with its sinister and unrelenting audio assault and \"Pariah\" with its improved songwriting and brutal catchiness. \"Harvest\" is fantastic! Fans need not even sample tracks to know for certain, by my honor, that \"Harvest\" represents the pinnacle of their already impressive catalog. The \'clean\' sound of \"Pariah\" actually diminished the power of the songs, as excellent as they were. With \"Harvest\" Naglfar have returned to the grand production sound of \"Sheol\", but with more complex arrangements and intelligent song craft. The result is a perfect Naglfar album, Melodic Death/Black Metal of the highest order. Of special note is that they have recruited a full-time bass player, with a very credible and energetic performance from one Morgan Lie and Kristoffer Olivius has been unleashed to concentrate on lead vocals only. His vocalizations here completely obliterate the otherwise fine work he did on \"Pariah\", and places him among the elite Black Metal vocalists working today. I am in awe at how much more focused and powerful he sounds here. Seriously! For fans, buying this CD is a no-brainer. For newcomers, this is the place to start. Track Listing: 1. Into The Black 2. Breathe Through Me 3. The Mirrors Of My Soul 4. Odium Generis Humani 5. The Darkest Road 6. Way Of The Rope 7. Plutonium Reveries 8. Feeding Moloch 9. Harvest

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