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The Antidote


Recorded 2003 Review: \"Moonspell is a band that deserves whatever worldwide recognition comes their way.\" - HIT PARADER Portugals premiere metal band, MOONSPELL return after 2 years of silence with The Antidote. MOONSPELL have been spearheading the gothic metal scene since the early \'90s & The Antidote is proof positive of the genius that has helped the band reach international acclaim. With The Antidote, not only have the band continued the maturation seen on each on of their releases so far but they have created some of the most dynamically powerful compositions of their career. The recording sessions featured Niclas Etelavuori of AMORPHIS on bass. - Produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (H.I.M., Sentenced, Apocalyptica) at Finvox Studios in Finland. It\'s always pleasing when a promising band makes good on their promises & Portugal\'s Moonspell does exactly this with this bloody-throated, bleeding-eyes album. Having largely abandoned the synths & progamming that were persistent in Butterfly Effect, the boys offer up a more \"classical\" fare with Antidote - that is, \"classical\" in the metal sense, complete with crushing guitars & adrenaline-fueled tempo. Lyrically speaking, I believe that this is some of Ribiero\'s finest work; the tone is uniformly hollow, cynical & brooding & is wholly in keeping with the epigraph in the liner - \"the horror of beauty, the beauty of horror.\" Hell, the title track alone is enough to put lesser souls off their spiritual food for the next two incarnations or so, & \"As We Eternally Sleep on It\" could probably turn Mother Teresa into a nihilist. If you haven\'t already considered this album, I\'d strongly advise you to - it\'s the kind of purchase you feel good about yourself for making. 1. In And Above Man 2. From Lowering Skies 3. Everything Invaded 4. The Southern Deathstyles 5. Antidote 6. Capricorn At Her Feet 7. Lunar Still 8. A Walk On The Darkside 9. Crystal Gazing 10. As We Eternally Sleep On It

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