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Recorded 2006 Review: After Gus G. left his other bands (Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage and Dream Evil) to concentrate on Firewind, a line up change took place with Apollo (ex-Time Requiem, Majestic) and Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, Metalium) joining the band. With a brand new line up, Firewind is modern melodic metal at it\'s best! Allegiance is masterpiece of music and metal, seamlessly woven together in gigantic proportions. Firewind has produced a classic album in the midst of a revival of metal. I\'m a child of the 80\'s, when metal ruled the world. I have never been so excited as bands like Dream Evil, DragonForce, Hammerfall and more bring back metal to the forefront. Firewind breathes some fresh air into the once dying beast of heavy metal. Crisp, clear and powerfully vibrant vocals, extremely intricate and heavy guitar work, bass guitars that won\'t stop all synchronized with awesome drumming (complete with double bass drums!) At times the vocals sounds like a blend of anything Jorn Lande has done mixed with a touch of David Coverdale of Whitesnake fame. I just can\'t stop listening to the song called \"Breaking the Silence\"! If you love metal, old or new, this is a must have for any true metalhead. Track Listing: 1. Allegiance 2. Insanity 3. Falling To Pieces 4. Ready To Strike 5. Breaking The Silence 6. Deliverance 7. Till The End Of Time 8. Dreamchaser 9. Before The Storm 10. The Essence 11. Where Do We Go From Here? Plus: Falling to Pieces video & Doco.

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