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Deaf to our Prayers

Recorded 2006 Hardcore Thrash/Death Metal Germany Review: A socially conscious Hardcore Thrash / Death Metal band. The band\'s lyrical themes have developed to deal with such subjects as veganism, racism and social rights issues. While I\'m at it, let me get all the heavy metal superlatives out of the way: bone-crunching, brutal, ground-shaking, ear-shattering. I know there are more, but I can\'t spend a whole review on them. Overall, I was very impressed with this album. With tons of scorching riffs and blasting drums, it\'s a brutal, near-relentless assault on the senses. Marcus\' vocals sound haunting and abrasive, and overall the album has enough variety to avoid monotony. \"Deaf to Our Prayers\" stands alone as a top-notch display of metalcore viciousness. If you like metalcore or just brutal music, you won\'t regret picking this one up. Track Listing: 1. Counterweight 2. Trespassing the Shores of Your World 3. Profane Believers 4. Stay the Course 5. Final March 6. Of No Avail 7. Armia 8. 9. Biogenesis (Undo Creation) 10. Dying in Silence 11. The Greatest Gift of God

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