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Recorded 2003 Review: I bought this CD after listening to samples of it at a music store in the mall. I was quite impressed with the quality as compared to Symphony X, Blind Guardian or Iced Earth. Dream Evil takes Swedish power metal to a new level. There is not a bad song on the CD. The vocals are particularly excellent and there are mellow songs as well as more angry or depressing ones. I can tell you that if you are a power metal fan, you will enjoy this CD. \"Break the Chains\", \"Bad Dreams\" and \"Children of the Night\" are great heavy ballads, while \"Evilized\" and \"Forevermore\" are comparably mellow and emotional. There is a good variety of songs on this CD. This album is definitely worth its price. Buy it! Track Listing: 1. Break The Chains 2. By My Side 3. Fight You \'Till The End 4. Evilized 5. Invisible 6. Bad Dreams 7. Forevermore 8. Children Of The Night 9. Live A Lie 10. Fear The Night 11. Made Of Metal 12. The End

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