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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Dragon Slayer

Recorded 2002 Swedish Powermetal Review: This cd is a must have, I went out an bought it on impulse after only hearing one song on the cd \"Prophecy\" which is one of best songs on the cd, but i hate to compare them, cause to me all the songs were great. I would recommend this Cd to anyone that is into bands like Iced Earth, Arch Enemy, Primal Fear and so forth. This cd packs one heck of a punch and is deserving of 5 stars. This CD is awesome and I haven\'t stopped listening to it since I bought it a week ago, listen to it, love it, and play it loud. Track Listing: 1. Chasing The Dragon 2. In Flames You Burn 3. Save Us 4. Kingdom Of The Damned 5. The Prophecy 6. The Chosen Ones 7. Losing You 8. The 7th Day 9. Heavy Metal In The Night 10. H.M.J. 11. Hail To The King 12. Outro

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