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Recorded 2003. Review: The Arch Enemy of today is known for their skilled guitarists and one of the only female Melo-Death Metal vocalists out there. Little know or have even heard the old Arch Enemy, pre-Angela Gossow. I have listened to the newer Arch Enemy and I see a huge difference in not just the vocals, but also the song-writing as a whole. Now, for me, I much rather prefer the old Arch Enemy, however, I must note that Arch Enemy has never been a band I hated and they are an extremely talented group. This band features ex-Carcass guitarist Mike Amott and it basically follows the style of Carcass\' Heartwork, state-of-the-art thrash with excellent lead guitar work (from Mike and his brother Chris Amott). Riffs and drumming are good, but the guitar solos really stand out, technical yet showing enough melodic restraint to avoid wankiness. If you\'re a guitar player, listening to this will either inspire you to new heights or frustrate you forever cuz you\'ll never be this good. This is squarely in the thrash/death metal realm (particularly due to the death growling vocals) but so catchy it could conceivably appeal to a much wider audience. Track Listing: 1. Beast Of Man 2. Stigmata 3. Sinister Mephisto 4. Dark Of The Sun 5. Let The Killing Begin 6. Black Earth 7. Tears Of The Dead 8. Vox Stellarum 9. Bridge Of Destiny

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