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Death...The Brutal Way. Ltd CD/DVD


Released 2009 - Century Media Review: Many old death metal heads, once hearing that Asphyx reformed were likening it to the second coming of christ. Death the Brutal Way marks the return of Martin Van Drunen on vocals. He has probably one of the most unique & best vocals in death metal, always has. When he said that the comeback album was gonna be the next step from Last One on Earth & their heaviest he hit the nail on the head. The album is oppressingly heavy. Seriously the first 2 Asphyx cds were some of the heaviest music ever created & DTBW is far heavier! Some of the doomy/slow parts are so freaking heavy & morbid. Asphyx II (they Died as they marched) is a perfect example of this. Opening track Scorbutics is blistering, The Herald is brutal with massive slow downs that are just punishingly heavy. The title track is tongue & cheek lyrics regarding the bands reformation & brutalizing the masses. CD comes w/a live dvd live from their 07 reunion show & features a good mix off the first 2 asphyx cds. Sound & picture are amazing. Over 60min of music. This may be the best comeback of any death metal band that I have heard recently. Production/mixing is top notch thanks to Dan Swano. The bass is thunderous, guitars way heavy & the drums are great with the double bass & snare coming across forcefully. Asphyx do not play technical or melodic death metal. This is strictly old school death/doom done with punishing conviction. This will be tough to top for \'09. So kick back and crank this sucker way up, it will steamroll cities far & wide! Track Listing: 1. Scorbutics 2. The Herald 3. Bloodswamp 4. Death The Brutal Way 5. Asphyx ll (They Died As They Marched) 6. Eisenbahnmorser 7. Black Hole Storm 8. Riflegun Redeemer 9. Cape Horn 10. The Saw, The Torture, The Pain DVD: 1. Vermin 2. M.S. Bismarck 3. Serenade In Lead 4. The Sickening Dwell 5. Foof For The Ignorant 6. The Krusher 7. Wasteland Of Terror 8. Asphyx (Forgotten War) 9. Pages In Blood 10. The Rack

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