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Pleasures of the Flesh (Dexule Edition)

Limited 2008 digitally remastered and expanded \'Silver Edition\' of the originators of Bay Area Thrash Metal, originally released in 1987. Features four bonus live tracks: \'Chemi-Kill\', \'Till Death Do Us Part\', \'Brain Dead\' and \'Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap\'. Comes housed in a jewel case within an embossed silver foil print 0-card. Review: This is exodus\'s first cd with steve zetro souza singing and this cd turned the corner for them in 87. This cd showed the world they were more than originators of bay area thrash with the big dogs slayer ,megadeth & metallica this cd showed depth and skills, not just speed. The reissue has been cleaned up and boosted the sound, freshening it up - the live tracks can be found on the good friendly violent fun live cd. Tracks: 1. Deranged 2. \'Til Death Us Do Part 3. Parasite 4. Brain Dead 5. Faster Than You\'ll Ever Live To Be 6. Pleasures Of The Flesh 7. 30 Seconds 8. Seeds Of Hate 9. Chemi-Kill 10. Choose Your Weapon 11. Chemi-Kill [Live] 12. \'Til Death Do Us Part [Live] 13. Brain Dead [Live] 14. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [Live]

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