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The Varangian Way

Century Media 2007 Review: Turisas have Quickly Made a Strong Impression on the Entire Metal Scene by Establishing the \"Battle Metal\" Tag, which Has Since Becomes Its Own Subgenre. But \"The Varangian Way\" Transcends all Metal Styles and Unites them all Into an Experience Unlike Any Other in a Current Scene of Copycat Bands. This is an Ambitiously Themed Concept About the Journey of Brave Viking Men in the Times of the 11th Century, Travelling Down from the Baltic Sea Heading to Holmgard, Through East European Riverways on a Mission to the South in the Search of New Skies And, Ultimately, Glory. However it is in the 21st Century Where Turisas Will Probably Find It! Viking metal, while it has been criticized has had a good following with innovators Manowar in additon to bands like Amon Amarth continuing its success. While those bands are good and all (although very corny at times) I always got the sense that the best of this genre hasn\'t come out. Well, I\'ve got news for you all that band has arrived and its name is Turisas. Turisas mixes power metal, death metal, classic metal and symphonic metal mixed all together and it sounds great. The 8 tracks here are very complex compositions at times that are quite rocking at the same time. These guys have some major talent and are here to stay, so if you like viking metal or if you have an open mind to metal of all types, give Turisas a shot. You won\'t be disappointed. Track Listing: 1. To Holmgard And Beyond 2. A Portage To The Unknown 3. Cursed Be Iron 4. Fields Of Gold 5. In The Court Of Jarisleif 6. Five Hundred And One 7. The Dnieper Rapids 8. Miklagard Overture 9. Rasputin 10. To Holmgard And Beyond (Single Edit)

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