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Battle Metal

Century Media 2004 Review: If you like Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Elvenking, Folkearth, etc then You should grab this up right away! I just recently bought this record and i love it. Everything about this band is over the top, including the awesome band pictures inside the cd booklet that shows them covered in blood, fighting in an ancient battle. These guys are the Rhaphody of the Viking Metal genre in the way that every song is way over the top with it\'s orchestration, lyrics, vocals, etc...It is super cheesy and super awesome at the same time. I absolutely love the first two full songs and i like the rest of the record. This is a really fun metal record. It is a great mix of blackened vocals, power metal guitars, galloping drums, and a huge mix of synths, horns, keys, accordians, and violins. The vocals are all over the place with growls, blackened screams, high power metal wails, spoken word, gang vocals, beerhall chants, and awesome battlefield vocals that sound like they are being shouted to the listener by someone actually in the midst of battle. This band isnt too be taken lightly, but are also not to be taken too seriously. They are meant to be fun and cheesy, so grab a pint, put on your gauntlets, and grab you sword! Track Listing: 1.Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus 2. As Torches Rise 3. Battle Metal 4. The Land Of Hope And Glory 5. The Messenger 6. One More 7. Midnight Sunrise 8. Among Ancestors 9. Sahti-Waari 10. Prologue for R.R.R. 11. Rex Regi Rebellis 12. Katuman Kaiku

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