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Nerve Damage (2CD)


Released 2004 Review - Once you get any of Skinlab's previous release as well as their latest"Nerve Damage" you will not be disappointed because its the only nu-metal worth anything! Don't bother looking for Slipknot, Korn, Mudvayne, Kittie, tool, Limp Bizkit (they’re over), S.O.A.D. For good nu-metal stick just with Skinlab and only Skinlab!

Track Listing: Disc 1 1.Losing All 2. Beneath The Surface 3. Anthem (Radio edit) 4. Come Get It 5. One Of Us 6. Jesus Cells 7. Disturbing The Art Of Expression 8. Take As Needed 9. Bullet With Butterfly Wings 10. Slave The Way 11. Purify (Acoustic version) 12. So Far From The Truth 13. Noah 14. Noah 15. Raza Odiada [Pito Wilson] 16. When Pain Comes To Surface (Demo) 17. When Pain Comes To Surface (Demo) 18. Paleface (Live) Disc 2 19. Paleface (James Murphy remixed Roadrunner demo) 20. Promised (Roadrunner demo) 21. The Art Of Suffering (Roadrunner demo) 22. Ten Seconds (Roadrunner demo) 23. Stumble 24. Down 25. Dissolve 26. Race Of Hate (Live demo) 27. Blacklist (Demo) 28. Slave The Way (Live) 29. Purify (Live) 30. No Sympathy (Live) 31. Scapegoat (Live) 32. Know Your Enemies (Live) 33. Come Get It (Live) 34. When Pain Comes To Surface (Live) + Bonus Losing All video.

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