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Rising 1998. Hardcore Rap Metal band laden down with loud guitars, muscles & heavyweight record sales to match. The Georgia based band was first assembled in '89 by guitarist Rich Ward, bassist Dwayne Fowler & drummer Richard Farmer, later inducting singer Andrew Freund. The first line-up change was initiated by Ward who noticed Bonz, a pizzeria chef, liked to play loud Hip Hop. The pair soon saw a future blending the Rap vocals & Metal guitars & Freund was duly replaced by Bonz. Review - One of the earliest pioneers of the rap/metal genre & the most uncredited, under-rated & best of the bunch. Probably the only band that has actually created a successful, seamless blending of the varying musical styles. Rich Ward is also one of the best heavy guitarists. Ward has a knack for creating very heavy, crushing yet melodic sounds that get in your head & you just can't stop listening to the songs. The music sounds genuinely unique, original & authentically Mojo. This band & musical effort will remain a timeless classic for the decades to come. Track List: 1. Intro 2. Crooked Figurehead 3. Trick 4. Assassination Of A 5. Rising 6. Southern Pride 7. Enemy Territory 8. Back In The Saddle 9. Dry 10. Throw The switch 11. Hang 'Em High (Loser's Theme) 12. Tears 13. Pipebomb 14. Suburban Ranger

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