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The Agony Scene.


Recorded 2003. Tulsa Metalcore outfit THE AGONY SCENE had their 2003 Solid State Records eponymous release produced by KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's Adam Dutkiewicz. Touring saw dates with DEMON HUNTER, AS I LAY DYING and BELOVED, followed by the 'Van's Off The Wall' tour allied with AVENGED SEVENFOLD and the SUICIDE MACHINES. THE AGONY SCENE signed to Roadrunner Records in May of 2004. Review - This CD is absolutely amazing. Well, I will admit they went a little overboard with the stones cover, but other than that, there is not one thing wrong with this disc. I don't care about lyrics because that's really only a tiny part of what makes a good song. It's the music that should blow you away and this music does blow me away! Most of the time, the guitarists aren't playing the same thing, which just makes it sound cooler. Never gonna forget about this band again - go get it!

Track Listing: 1. We Bury Our Dead At Dawn 2. Habeas Corpus 3. Judas 4. Lines Of Suicide 5. Eyes Sewn Shut 6. Nausea 7. Shotgun Wedding 8. Vivid 9. Paint It Black 10. The Damned

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