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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Hypnotic. (Finish Black Metal).

Recorded 2003. Review - Thyrane: Blastmor (vocals, guitar, rums); Avatmer (guitar); Mannamari (synthesizer); Daemon (bass). Thyrane was formed in 1994 when Blastmor, the founding member of the band and two other guys began playing their first chords of blasphemy. This is their fifth album on the Spinefarm label. Their sound is as sharp and meticulously crafted as the finest razorblade and as destructive as an air bubble in your veins. This is a great album if you enjoy black metal with industial and epic touches. This album reminds me of Kreator\'s Endorama, but much tighter. Track Listing: 1. Human Weed 2. Firework 3. Glamorama Demystified 4. Dance In The Air 5. Armaya 6. The Symptomatic 7. Phantasmal Paranoia 8. Sickening 9. Of Suns And Flames 10. Heretic Hunt

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