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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

The Art of Today.

Recorded 2003. Gothenburg Grindsters assembled in October of 2000, debuting live as support act to NASUM just two months later. RELEVANT FEW feature GARDENIAN and ex-GOOSEFLESH bass player Robert Hakemo and DRACENA, MINDSNARE, SANDALINAS, RUNEMAGICK and LORD BELIAL credited drummer Morbid Mojjo (a.k.a. Daniel Moilanen). Formatively, the group also included ABANDON guitarist Johan Nilsson. Track Listing: 1. Is There No Hope? 2. No Savior 3. The White Disease 4. Pressure\'s On 5. Intro 6. Lustrous Pattern 7. Extinct Utopia 8. Dull - Shit! 9. Choice Of Contempt 10. Crisis 11. What Lies Beneath 12. T.A.O.T. 13. Doomsday Celebration 14. Apt For Idiocy 15. Shiny Miserable People 16. Crowd Bites Wolves 17. Piles 18. Oral Mutual Thieves 19. 20-11-02 20. 110th Floor 21. Shop-Worn Veracity 22. Prey Of Progress 23. Burst Out 24. Azsir - Ittna 25. Act Of Ignorance

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