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Enemies of Reality.

Recorded 2003. Review - Almost three years after their landmark album, Dead Heart In A Dead World, Nevermore deliver another metal masterpiece with Enemies of Reality. This is like Politics of Ecstasy in the sense that there is not one bad song on here. It mixes the technicality of Politics with the sheer agression of Dead Heart. If you\'re a guitarist, you will enjoy this cd; Jeff Loomis goes completely apecrap with his soloing. We all knew he was an amazing guitarist, but this just blows his other works out of the water. Warrel Dane, once again, shows that he is one of the most talented vocalists in metal today. His lyrics are as angry and bitter as ever. The rhythm section of Jim Shepperd on bass and Van Williams on drums pummels like a freight train. The song \"enemies of reality\" kicks the album off in high gear and does not stop. \"Ambivalent\" has probably my favorite solo. \"I, Voyager\" and \"Create the Infinite\" are probably my favorite songs. \"Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday\" can be considered the ballad of the album. \"Noumenon\" is a strange song that segues into the cataclysmic \"Seed Awakening\" with the powerful message, \"There is no stronger drug than reality\". Nevermore have, once again, proven they are metal gods. Track Listing: 1. Enemies Of Reality 2. Ambivalent 3. Never Purify 4. Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday 5. I, Voyager 6. Create The Infinite 7. Who Decides 8. Noumenon 9. Seed Awakening

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