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reVolting Room.


Recorded 2002. The culmination of three years worth of writing, recording and touring, Revolting Room is not only Skinlab's most accessible record to date, but also their most mature and focused offering yet. Review - I own all 3 Skinlab albums, and their 1st two CDs are among my favorite metal CDs. Somehow, however, Skinlab have managed to improve upon their earlier works with "reVolting Room", a metal masterpiece that nearly solidifies their place as the best metal band around today. While Skinlab's previous albums were heavy, "reVolting Room" is even heavier yet. Many of the same vocal styles are present on this CD (esp. the low, dark vocs), but a lot of the singing is much more aggressive, similar to hardcore or death metal. The guitar work is much the same as "Bound, Gagged ..." and "Disembody...", which is to say that it is exceptional. Every song on this album is amazing. Some of the best include Slave the Way, Disturbing The Art Of Expression, Take As Needed, and, my new favorite, Purify. In my opinion, "reVolting Room" shares the spot for best CD of '02 with Soilwork's "Natural Born Chaos" and The Crown's "Crowned in Terror".

Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. Come Get It! 3. Slave The Way 4. Purify 5. Anthem For A Fallen Star 6. Disturbing The Art Of Expression 7. Take As Needed 8. Jesus Sells 9. Never Give In 10. Now That You\'re One Of Us

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