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Don't Fear the Reaper

Great Swedish Black Metal! 2006. Linkping Metal act WITCHERY was created in its familiar format during 1997 from the ashes of SANCE and SATANIC SLAUGHTER. The band has set itself apart from the crowd by blending elements of Black, Death and retro \'Thrashback\' styled Metal, this amalgamation seeing WITCHERY rapidly attaining solid international sales. Musically WITCHERY are unafraid to show their influences as made evident by the frequent 80s Metal cover versions that litter their catalogue. Both vocalist Toxine (a.k.a. Tony Kampner) and drummer Mique (Micke Pettersson) had also been members of TOTAL DEATH whilst Mique had also been involved in MORGUE alongside guitarist Richard Corpse (Rille Rimflt). Toxine would cut his teeth on the Rock scene with his debut Punk act PASSIVA MONGOLOIDER as far back as 1979. The Fourth Release from the Haunted Guitarist Jensen\'s Project Witchery. Features Arch Enemy/Spiritual Beggars Member Sharlee D\'angelo on Bass. Review - During my listening to this album, I was able to pick up overtones of Overkill, Exodus, Megadeth, Testament,and Slayer. I don\'t know who Toxine sounds like, because this is the first Witchery album I have purchased. I hope a new album comes out because this one is KKKKKKKKiller. Purchase this if you like Anthrax, Megadeth, Carnal Forge, The Haunted, Slayer, Overkill, Kreator, Sacred Reich (R.I.P.), Forbidden (R.I.P.), Flotsam & Jetsam, Horrorscope, Pantera (R.I.P.), Testament, Overkill, Exodus, Demiricous, Sodom, Destruction, and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder. Track Listing: 1. Disturbing The Beast 2. Stigmatized 3. Draw Blood 4. The Ritual 5. Ashes 6. Plague Rider 7. Damned In Hell 8. Crossfixation 9. The Wait Of The Pyramids 10. Immortal Death 11. Styx 12. War Piece 13. Cannonfodder

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