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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

The Shape of Things to Come (EP)

Recorded 2004. Review - O.K, this kicks ass. Made to measure is an amazingly hard rocken single, it kicks and you\'ll love it. Grotesque is an excellent, hard ass song. Great riffs and great drums. Tairrie\'s growls over fat bass, very cool indeed. Unmanageable is amazing - also great riffs. Mick is an amazing songwriter/guitarist and drummer. Spoken word with slow sludgy screaming chorus - unreal. Sex junkie, a cool plasmatics cover. Wendy would be proud. Made to measure edit is made to measure with the swearing removed. This ep also comes with a short film you can view on your pc, has some cool interviews, and live footage. It also has a really cool insight to the band and the messages they are portraying in their performances. Overall, this ep is excellent, if only it were longer! Track Listing: 1. Made to Measure Listen 2. Grotesque Listen 3. Unmanageable Listen 4. Sex Junkie Listen 5. Made to Measure

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