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Unleashed Memories.

Recorded 2001. Review - Italian six-piece Lacuna Coil are one of the hardest working & rapidly progressing gothic metal outfit of our times. Their dual-vocal approach featuring the heavenly voice of Cristina Scabbia juxtaposed with the harsh style of Andrea Ferro will appeal to fans of The Gathering, Theatre Of Tragedy & Nightwish. Unleashed Memories also includes last year\'s mini-CD, \'Halflife\', as a bonus. Bonus tracks, \'Halflife\', \'Trance Awake\', \'Senzafine\', \'Hyperfast\', & \'Stars\'. I\'m not much of a fan of goth and/or metal music but after seeing an advertisement for this album in a magazine, I suddenly felt compelled to check out Lacuna Coil\'s \"Unleashed Memories\". Now that I have listened to it twice, I must say that I was completely impressed and blown away by what I have heard. I didn\'t think it was possible to put such a beautiful voice such as Cristina Sabbia\'s with the gloominess and heaviness of goth/metal riffs. The two are extremely well juxtoposed and makes for an excellent combination. I was extremely moved by Cristina\'s gorgeous vocals as well as by the tormented lyrics for songs such as \"Purify\" and \"Heir of a Dying Day\". Goth and metal music has not sounded this beautiful in years. Lacuna Coil\'s music combines both the heaviness of metal with the gorgeous melodies of goth music. I am definitely going to check out the band\'s other albums as a new fan of their\'s. Track Listing: 1. Heir Of A Dying Day 2. To Live Is To Hide 3. Purify 4. Senzafine 5. When A Dead Man Walks 6. 1:19 7. Cold Heritage 8. Distant Sun 9. A Current Obsession 10. Wave of Anguish

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