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In a Reverie.

Recorded 1999. Review - In a reverie is by far the darkest recording ever produced by Lacuna Coil. From the seeping overtones of despair to the depressed, ethereal ambience conjured by the overall asthetic, the listener is throughly engulfed in torrents of melancholy. Every riff holds a dark, entrancing quality that will contrast occasionaly with a more upbeat part to enhance it\'s effect. Cristana Scabbia\'s depressed, doomed vocal delivery could not fit this album more. Her voice flows along with the music like it\'s a part of it rather than a separate element. The drums, unlike a lot of doom/gothic bands, are also fairly well done. Of course there are limitations to what you can do on drums when your band is moody and slow paced, but beside that point this is a superb exhibition. Lacuna Coil is one of those bands that have no weak link in their instrumental sound. Unfortunatly that can\'t be said about the two vocalists, which brings me to why I must give this otherwise exceptional release four stars. Overall, In A Reverie is an almost top tier doom/gothic album. Fans of Anathema, Tiamat, Paradise Lost, The Gathering, Alas, November\'s Doom, Rapture, Katatonia, Midnatasol, Leave\'s Eyes, Dreams Of Sanity, etc... will most likely enjoy this album. Converesly, fans of Lacuna Coil would probably enjoy the bands above as well. So if you haven\'t already, check them out if you have the time. Track Listing: 1. Circle 2. Stately Lover 3. Honeymoon Suite 4. My Wings 5. To Myself & Turned 6. Cold 7. Reverie 8. Veins Of Glass 9. Falling Again

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