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Master of Disaster (EP).

Wicked German Thrash! Review - HOLY MOSES specializes in brutal Techno Thrash of the highest order and created an impact with a string of impressive albums and the striking vocals (not to mention looks as well!) of Sabina Classen after scoring a deal with Aaaarrg Records. Forged in 1979 by bassist Raymond Brssler, vocalist / guitarist Jochen Fnders and drummer Peter Vonderstein, this trio first gained local notoriety in the staunchly Catholic city of Aachen by being ejected from their church basement rehearsal complex when the proprietors discovered all of the crucifixs had been turned upside down. Sabina Classen and Holy Moses are back for the attack with their 9th CD. This five tune MCD gives the listener a taste of classic 80s style thrash that Holy Moses was known for. This German band has been out of action since 1994, but they have returned to once again thrash you to death! Important, don\'t expect death metal style on this release, just solid thrash with Sabina\'s unmistakable vocals. Best tune is \"Down On Your Knees\". This is the album for those who likes their thrash metal raw, chaotic, angry, and done right. pure German thrash in the vein of glorious and chaotic mid-80s. Track Listing: 1. Master Of Disaster 2. Taste My Blood 3. The Hand Of Death 4. Feel The Pain 5. Down On Your Knees

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