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Engorged. (US Death Metal)


Recorded 2002. Review - Oh, the crushing power of the mighty, mighty Thrash riff... It likely never dawned on \"Rowdy\" Roddy Piper that he would one day provide one of the coolest intro-samples imaginable to a brutally monstrous Metal album. Consequently, Engorged spends the ensuing hour administering the prophetic message of that initial soundbite & shredding your eardrums in the process. Apparently, Hell didn\'t want to deal with the raucous Engorged boys, so they\'re back - more grotesque & zombified than ever. If you\'re dying for an old-school Gore-Thrash bludgeoning however, you\'ll likely welcome these corpses with loving arms. What inevitably comes to mind with every listen is Anthrax (up to \"Among The Living\") on speed and various elements of other 80\'s Thrash titans. In fact, S.O.D. references are bound to happen with the first track being \"March Of The Engorged\". But for all the many subtle (& not so subtle) tributes to the 80\'s, one gets the feeling that it\'s all in reverence & good fun. Don\'t mistake that fun-loving attitude for their modus operandi; they definitely take their Thrash with dead-seriousness and dead-accuracy. Engorged seem to be intent on running at the front of the wave of riff-worshipping Thrash bands along with the onslaught of European bands that focus more on memorable Thrash SONGS (like The Haunted, Dew Scented, etc...) than making ludicrous noise for the sake of it. And kudos for the \"Night Of The Living Dead\" // \"Dawn Of The Dead\" // \"Day Of The Dead\" Trilogy!!! Even after listening to this disk almost every day for over a month, I still find myself closing my eyes and banging my head a bit - a good sign, in my book! Track Listing: 1. March Of The Engorged 2. The Dreadnaught 3. It Came From Beyond 4. Cobra Rage 5. Eaten Alive! 6. Death Metal Attack III 7. White Line Nightmare 8. Slithis 9. Shockwaves 10. Beer Guts 11. N.O.T.L.D. 12. Dawn Of The Dead 13. Zombie 14. Day Of The Dead

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