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Children of the Night. (EP)


Great Swedish Power Metal! 2003 Review - A 2002 Gothenburg Metal combo, DREAM EVIL, debuting with the \'Dragonslayer\' album that April, would be able to boast a rare pedigree of talent. Fronted by Niklas Isfeldt the group witnessed a union of guitarist Fredrik Nordstrm, MYSTIC PROPHECY and FIREWIND guitarist Gus G. (a.k.a. Kostas Karamitroudis), former CONCRETE MASS bassist Peter Stlfors and drummer Snowy Shaw. The latter of course a veteran of the Scandinavian Metal scene noted for his work with MERCYFUL FATE, KING DIAMOND, MEMENTO MORI and NOTRE DAME. Isfeldt, Nordstrm and Stlfors all have strong HAMMERFALL connections. Isfeldt having acted as studio backing vocalist, Nordstrm as HAMMERFALL\'s producer and Stlfors as song writer. Gus G. would lay down several lead guitar solos on the 2003 OLD MAN\'S CHILD album \'In Defiance Of Existence\'. The guitarist also contributed a guest solo to the ROB ROCK album \'Eyes Of Eternity\'. Track Listing: 1. Children Of The Night 2. Dragonheart 3. Betrayed 4. Evilized (Unplugged) 5. Children Of The Night (Video)

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