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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Method of Execution.


For fans of Bloodbath, Hate Plow & Malevolent Creation. 2005 Review - Vicious Death Metal band from Boca Raton, Florida, founded in late 1997 by a trio of MALEVOLENT CREATION defectors vocalist / bassist Jason Blachowicz, guitarist J.P. Soars and drummer Derrick Roddy. After a 1998 six track demo the band debuted commercially for Olympic Recordings with the \'Redemption\' album, promoting its release with a lengthy American tour schedule billed alongside GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY and VADER. A further round of dates in 1999 found DIVINE EMPIRE on the road in the USA and Canada in alliance with EMPEROR, BORKNAGER, WITCHERY and PECCATUM. Unlike Malevolent Creation, what differs is Divine Empire has bits of classical guitar but it still kicks serious butt! Track Listing: 1.Vowed Revenge 2. The Mauler 3. Surgical Strike 4. Dungeon Mask 5. Shadow Of Violence 6. Prelude To The Storm 7. Storm Of Hatred 8. Random Beheadings 9. Incarcerated 10. Judge, Jury & Executioner 11. Terror Zone 12. Sanctionized Homicide 13. Impervious Deception 14. Kill The King 15. Murderous 16. Reduced To Ashes

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