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Heavy Metal / Hardcore Specialist

Whisper Supremacy.


Recorded 1998 Review - Rarely do I come across an album that is astonishing in the pure speed, baffling with in it\'s time signatures and rhythms, mind-numbing in it\'s complexity, creative in it\'s songwriting, but at the very same time, makes me want to rip someone\'s face off. Sounds like a great album doesn\'t it? But wait, there\'s more. Mike Disalvo is a brutal, rapid, unique, and creative voice, he fits the band perfectly. His somewhat abstract lyrics are wrapped in a brutal growl (that isn\'t retardedly low), that shifts harshness and pitch somewhat subtely, while adding an extra layer of complex rhythms over the already insanely technical music. Overall song-writing: You usually never hear a band go through so many riffs in a single song, and go through so many speeds. At first listen, these riffs may seem randomly thrown together, but if you listen to the album about 30 times, (that\'s how complicated it is), you start to see how ingeniously these songs were written and put together. For instance, on White Worms (one of my favorites of the album), all the madness stops for one moment, Mike let\'s loose a brutal low scream as it suddenly goes into a breakdownish part, only to pick back up into a hyper blast part. There are so many other parts on the album, I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about how ingenious this album is, but you have to hear it to believe it. If you consider yourself a fan of anything heavy or technical, there is NO reason why you shouldn\'t buy this album. Track Listing: 1. Emaciate 2. Cold Hate, Warm Blood 3. Loathe 4. White Worms 5. Flame To The Surface 6. Depths You\'ve Fallen 7. Faceless Unknown 8. Serpent\'s Coil

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