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None so Live.

Recorded 2003. Review - CRYPTOPSY recorded their June 1st appearance in front of 1,800 fans at the Medley in Montreal for a live album, \'None So Live\'. I saw this tour in Chicago, Illinois at the House of Blues and it was just as crushing and amazing there as it is on this disc recorded live in Montreal. Cryptopsy is simply a phenomenal, devastating experience live, and this album truly shows that. This is perhaps the definitive live album for hyper-technical death metal, except maybe until Origin releases something trying to rival \'None So Live.\' Not only do you get to hear Cryptopsy, but they play all of the best songs from each album and Martin Lacroix certainly displays a vicious vocal sound. He\'s the perfect blend of Lord Worm\'s unintelligible, inhuman howls and DiSalvo\'s brutal vocal precision. Lacroix\'s immitation of Lord Worm on the parts that really need it shines, and he\'s at least as good if not better than DiSalvo on tracks like \'Cold Hate, Warm Blood.\' If you\'re a fan of Cryptopsy and want the true live experience without having to be there, you need this album! Track Listing: 1. Intro 2. Crown Of Horns 3. White Worms 4. We Bleed 5. Open Face Surgery 6. Cold Hate, Warm Blood 7. Phobophile 8. Shroud 9. Graves Of The Fathers 10. Drum solo 11. Defenestration 12. Slit Your Guts

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