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Brutal. (Death Metal Supergroup)!

Finish Death Metal. 2004 review- CHAOSBREED, unveiled in early 2003, is a something of a Helsinki Metal \'Supergroup\'. The band comprised lead vocalist Taneli Jarva of SENTENCED and THE BLACK LEAGUE, guitarists Esa Holopainen of AMORPHIS and Marko Tarvonen of MOONSORROW, bass player Oppu Laine of AMORPHIS and MANNHAIN repute with former GANDALF drummer Nalle sterman. This band is their channel to have fun and play old school Death Metal and drink some \"jaloviina\". If youve heard Entombed, Autopsy, know what to expect. Production is terrific, not too clean, very powerful and, yes, brutal. Guitars attacks with sunlight studios -styled rough edge. Vocals are somewhere in middle tones of death growl. Best tracks are Casked Ride and fast death rock S**tgrinder. Faces of Death lifts riffs straight from Slayer. This is one of those records which will make you blow dust from your old 80\'s democasette\'s and discover again how much fun death metal was before it came technical. Track Listing: 1. Wretched Life 2. Casket Ride 3. Faces Of Death 4. Moralized 5. Rotting Alive 6. Demon Skunk 7. Shitgrinder 8. Symptoms Of The Flesh 9. F/C/D/C (Freedom Corps Death Crush) 10. An Evil Eye 11. Rotting Alive (Live video) 12. F/C/D/C (Live video)

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